Travel to the Desert of Sahara in Libya


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This is the Documentation of my Lybia tour from 27.3.2006 to 30.3.2006 to the total Solar Eclipse.

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Airport in Vienna on 27.3.2006

From Stuttgart to Vienna


Without the air of the atmosphere no life would be possible

The atmosphere - our shield of air


The sky - seen from the plane

The sky - under and above the clouds 


Flight above the mountains

The highest mountains still are covered with snow


Here the travel makes a curve.

Here we flew a curve


Photography during the flight makes fun!

The flight from Vienna to Benghasi lastet about 5 hours


Italy seen from the air!

From the country Italy over the sea


The Tyrrhenian sea at Italiy


Muhammad al-Gaddafi - the chief of the state

Gaddafi oder Gaddhafi?


29.3.2006, 12:30MESZ

More from the Solar Eclipse here!


The Sahara in Libya during the eclipse

I took some documetation pictures in Libya


Multiple Redundance-Proof: clock, stamps, eclipse, documents

Ein weiteres Beweis - Foto


first day stamps

On the stamps of this first day leaf you see the eclipse


The solar eclipse was projected with the field glasses

You never must see in the sun with field glasses!


Sand in the Sahara

Typical sand - structure in the Libyan Sahara near Jalu


I set my foot in the sand of the Sahara

With the foot I testet the underground


The soil was monotonous

Soil of sand - as far as you can see!


A Fata Morgana at the horizon

No water but a Fata Morgana


Fata Morgana with telephoto lens

People in the Fata Morgana


My tent also was somewhere in it

A storm of sand hit even the biggest tent of the camp... 


Africa - Libya - Oasis Jalu

Africa - the blue-green-yellow continent :-)))


Oasis Jalu in Libya

The Oasis Jalu already was in the total eclipse path.


The dromedary - besides the camel one of the desert animals

Dromedary "Drommy" in the desert of Sahara


The Sahara in Libya - a desert of sand


The frontier between street and desert

Funny that no sand storm covered the frontier between street and desert...


On the road to the north...

We travelled on the return on the 400km long road to the Mediterranian Sea


Airport Vienna at night

In the night from the 30. to the 31.3.2006 we returned to Vienna - from there I continued via Stuttgart at home...

My longest day with 33 hours I believe...


Martin Wagner, 9.7.2007


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