The total lunar eclipse on 12/21/10


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No doomsday on 2012/12/21 because of Maya Calendar

On 2012/12/21 there will be a total lunar eclipse in the USA and Canada

Lunar eclipse and star on 04/03/2007
In the morning of Tuesday, 21 December 2010 it is in Northern America possible to watch a total lunar eclipse. In Germany you can see the beginning when the weather is favorable. 
There are the following data for the lunar eclipse:
Start of the first penumbral eclipse (not visible): 05:28 UT (= UTC, GMT)
Start of the first partial eclipse: 06:32 UT
Start of the total eclipse: 07:40 UT
Center of the eclipse: 08:17 UT
End of the total eclipse: 08:53 UT
End of the second partial eclipse: 10:02 UT
End of the second penumbral eclipse (not visible): 11:06 UT

If the weather conditions are well and nothig else happens I will take again lunar eclipse pictures! Further pictures of the lunar eclipse from 04/03/07, the eclipse from 09/11/2003 and many other astronomical events you can buy as print or on my Photo-CD (German texts) here: .


Total lunar eclipse on 04/03/2007 in Germany, shortly after totality

Total lunar eclipse on 04/03/2007 in Germany, 2nd partial eclipse


Martin Wagner, 29.11.2010


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