Total Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017 in the USA and North America
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On August 21, 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse in the USA. Whole North America will be eclipsed at least partially, so the eclipse is called the "Great American Eclipse". The eclipse is the 22nd of Saros Cycle 145.

The total eclipse path zone is going over 5 earthquake zones in the USA, among them San Andreas Fault and Yellowstone Supervolcano! After the last eclipse of Saros 145 on August 11, 1999 in central Europe there were several serious earthquakes. A scientific correlation of eclipses and quakes is missing so far.

End time predictors as I also am believe that the eclipse will announce or bring Biblical prophecies as in Luke 21 to fulfill.

Here is also a numerologically very interesting Link! And here even more (incl. pictures + Videos)!

--- Further Solar Eclipse pictures of 2006 see below! ---

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08/21/2017: Total Solar Eclipse - Wonder of Nature!


Please be very careful while photographing and looking the eclipse!
Permanent blindness may result when looking the partial eclipse without professional filter!

Prominences, 100ASA, 1/500s


August 21, 2017: A total solar eclipse - miracle of nature!

Total Solar eclipse on 3/29/2006 southern from the Oases Jalu, Libya, Canon EOS 300D, 500mm, 400ASA, 1/125s


Diamond Ring shortly after the 3. Contact


There will be a total solar eclispe on 2017/8/21 - 8/21/17 -  August 21, 2017 (Photo from 2006)

Diamond Ring on 3/29/2006 on 10:30:48 UT



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