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Cover of my Photo-CD: Collage of all planetes, 
moon, lunar and solar eclipse, sun!
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Full Moon


Lunar regions up to 800x magnified
I photographed nearly all lunar craters visible from earth.
Lunar Craters - Vallis Alpes 1000x magnified


This sunset was red - quite rare opportunity

Red sunset



This is a sunspot photographed with a Camcorder and Telescope

Sunspot 10069 on 16.8.2002



Solar eclipse in the Sahara in Libya near the oasis of Jalu

Solar eclipse from 29.3.2006 in Libya



Jupiter with moons on 4.5.2003


 Planets with Videoastronomy

Here you see the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Additionally there is the moon and a lunar eclipse, the sun and a solar eclipse.

All classic planets + Moon and Sun


Transit of Mercury on 7.5.2003

Exit of Merkur with about 1000x amplification


Transit of Venus on 8.6.2004

Exit of Venus, digital shot



Moon- Saturn- Jupiter- Mars- Conjunction on 6.4.2000



This is comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3

Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Fragment B 12.5.2006


Stars and constellations

Turning stars with long-time exposure

Long-time-exposure of the stars in the northern sky by night


Deep-Sky with CCD

This Deep Sky nebula is near the bright star Alnitak in Orion.

Deep Sky photography - Flaming Tree Nebula



Auroras are rare in Germany - sometimes you can see some during solar storms

Northern light (Auroras) on 21.10.2001 in Sonnenbühl-Genkingen



The ISS and former the MIR are also satellites

International Space Station ISS and other satellites


Space Station with Telescope, WebCam and DSLR

The International Space Station ISS with docked shuttle Atlantis
International Space Station ISS on 11.4.2007, 21:48 CEST, 30s delay


Tree in dawn



This dromedary did not smoke dromedary cigarettes :-)))

Travel to the total solar eclipse in Libya in March 2006



Such cars are the right ones for desert tours :-)))

This BMW X5 car was in the Libyan desert



ICE in Dahlen / Sachsen on 9.9.2007



Planes are only rarely crossing the sun - if yes please use professional solar filter!

Planes with 500mm and 1300mm


Water Drops

Water drops photographed with WebCam

These water drops came out of a glass tube


My equipment

10"- Newton-Telescope, f=1300mm, northern light on 22.10.2001




Flowers 1

The "Tuerkenbund" is some of our wood flowers in Southern Germany

German flowers: "Türkenbund"


Flowers 2

The "Herbstastern" are in our garden

German flowers: "Herbstastern"



German Butterflies: Swallowtail


Other animals

Ladybug (American English) = Ladybird (British English)

Other animals: Ladybug



Great Magellanic Cloud, southern sky, Stefan Geier


"Fear not, says the LORD, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine." (Isaiah 43,1)

Each adult person in Germany has an identity card with a personal identity number. In each authority we have a special reference, in many Computers we are saved as numbers.

Especially in totalitary systems man is only a number...

But God did not give us a number, but a name! When he calls us to him he does not want to catch us but to guard and to accompany us. When we want to belong to him and when we entrust us to him and his son Jesus Christ he receives us into his eternal community.

I also normally did not give my photos on this Homepage numbers but a name. Sometimes it is quite difficult when I have some similar pictures and in this case it may also be a mixture. But below "Tree in dawn" I can more imagine than below "Dia 14-7/2000 (25A)"!  

Also misunderstandings are so more evitable. I have already sometimes dialled the wrong number. Especially when this happens at 3 o'clock in the morning when I want to tell enthusiastically a friend that there is actually an aurora this might be quite unpleasant! On expositions I gave my photos already a name and a number and perhaps I will introduce an additional number when I have much more photos. But at first I want to keep it like now. I love my photos very much; every good photo is for me a small work of art.

For you it is not more work! Please mark with the mouse the names of the photos which you want to order, copy them into the mail to me and write the size and number of the amount of photos to it. 

Sometimes I have by the way to a certain theme many similar pictures which are not all on this Homepage.

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