US-Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy of United Kingdom in 2009?


Photo-CD for 18 Euro with more than 1000 pictures of Astronomy (German)

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Remark: I am no finacial expert but a physicist who is interested besides orthers in developments of the future.


In the Internet there are rumours that Great Britain and the USA will get a national bankruptcy in 2009! The Dollar should fall extremely and the global currency system might collapse. The US-Dollar reserves of many countries will dramatically lose value. The USA should along Internet Experts be bankrupt in the  summer 2009, Great Britain before. Even Barack Obama can not change anything of this. Read the links below for further information!

External Link: Financial Crisis 2008 / 2009
                     Detailed predictions 2008 - 2013
             Social Destruction / Chaos in the end of 2009

Martin Wagner, 29.12.2008, last modification on 20.2.2009


Plane-CD for 18 Euro (only pictures, file names German)


Plane-CD 2 for 18 Euro (only pictures, file names German)


Libya-CD for 18 Euro (only pictures, file names German)


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